Let's hike with Héléna, Lise et Manon

It had been a long time since the idea of a hike on the heights of the Lamastre Country had trotted in our mind. We waited until spring and sunny days to fully enjoy the fauna and flora that a territory like this can offer us.

See you this Saturday, May 26, in the beautiful village of Nozières, on the heights. That day, the weather was magnificent, which allowed us to have a splendid view of the Alps from "Les Balcons du Doux". The hike hadn't even started yet because we were already in sight!

Time to drink a coffee at the village bar, to fill our bottles with water at the fountain, and here we go for a 12 km walk with 380 meters of difference in altitude. We leave the village of Nozières, in direction of the Col du Buisson to join our first stage: Rochebloine. But before that, we were able to refresh ourselves at the source of the hamlet "Le Tracol". A real pleasure because the heat was already starting to manifest itself.

Arrived then at the remarkable site of Rochebloine, we could make a small pause and take a little more height ! Clear skies, little fresh wind, here we three are at the top, on the rocky spur where the castle of Rochebloine was. While we were watching the information boards, a little cat came to keep us company. Hard after a few minutes not to take him with us because he was so endearing. But faithful to this remarkable site, like a master of the place, the cat watched us leave without following us. Next stop: the Col du Buisson and its famous miniature village. This is how we followed the path through meadows, undergrowth, hamlets and isolated stone houses, authentic landscapes typical of the Ardèche. Arrived at the Col du Buisson after a beautiful ascent, we enter the small site, to discover a typical miniature village of the Ardèche, shaped by Pierre, retired stone lover and lover of the Ardèche.

A short stop on the bench, in the shade, to admire one last time this work of art and we take again our way which leads this time on a beautiful straight line, on the crest close to the farm "La Chaux". We arrived at the right time because we followed the shepherd who was bringing his herd of goats back to the farm! It is thus with the sound of the bells that we continued our road until the Greenhouse of Pailher. But before that, a small break was necessary to picnic. A small corner of grass lined with flowers was waiting for us to share our meals from the bag. It was then under the sun, during the micro-siest, that we were awakened by some dwarf goats and a horse in freedom. After this pleasant awakening, we continued our road to return on Nozières with the surprising meeting of a deer at the bend of a path, but also of an orvet which fled when it heard our steps. It is before returning to our starting point that we were able to take a last and beautiful photo of the village of Nozières.

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