Carollanne discovers the Molès pastry shop

Enrobage au chocolat au lait

At the Molès pastry shop, we are making magic !

As I was walking around the Lamastre market, I was attracted by the Christmas window of the Molès pastry shop! I had a nice meeting....

As I decide to enter the pastry shop, I am greeted by Laurence Molès in person! She tells me: "Edwige and I have been forming a fine team since 8 years to transform chocolate (Valrhona exclusively) into (exquisite) chocolate candies, (crunchy) bars or (gourmet) pastries": nothing like it to delight our palates! And not only....

In this charming little shop, I discover artistic pieces, assemblies or even centerpieces made entirely of chocolate! A delight for both eyes and taste buds! 

My amazed eyes betray me and Laurence allows me a little trip to the lab where chocolate coating is in progress! A real goldsmith work ! 

For the end of the year celebrations, it is always time to order your Chocoline pastry  (vanilla-chocolate), your Aveline ice cream pastry (with 3 citrus fruits), your chocolate desserts or to plan a delicious gift for the loved ones you really want to treat!


Christmas specialities:

Stollen with marzipan, candied fruit and icing sugar; traditional cake in Lorraine, a reference to the chef's origins!
Cherries in brandy*, pitted but with their tails! 
Macaroons with almonds and other varied flavours.

*Alcohol abuse is dangerous for your health. To be consumed in moderation.

"Pastry and love are the same - a matter of freshness and that all ingredients, even the bitterest, turn to delight." Christian Bobin


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