Sophie joined Gérard to the milking

The stroller, glasses and sneakers: on the way to a new adventure with Gérard, farmer from father to son. It is in the middle of the hills, in a steep meadow that we find Gérard in the company of his herd of biquettes, each more coquettish than the other.

Our new friends form a happy choir, in spite of some eccentric notes which will have had the merit to make the children laugh !

They know it, it's time to leave the paw to join the farm... They take, in herd, the winding roads of the Ardèche which they cover with small black balls with the significant smell of our goat droppings; and what natural fertilizer!

Once they return "home", they begin their daily ritual, like a show performed again and again in front of new spectators... this famous "ballet of milking" that we feel well rode: everyone has his place! 

Curious one
Acrobatic one
Milking !