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L'Automnal Gourmand (04/09/2021)

Visits and animations • Gourmet parties • Gourmet menus


Experience a gourmet and festive autumn between Ardèche and Haute-Loire!

At the initiative of Jacques Marcon, famous french chef, four communities of communes (Haut-Lignon, Val'Eyrieux, Pays de Lamastre and Pays de Montfaucon) unite to promote good food. L'Automnal Gourmand is thus born between Ardèche and Haute-Loire and will take place from October 1st to November 7th 2021 for this 1st edition.

Complete program : https://fr.calameo.com/read/004800201f367b23c48b1


Souvenir (15/06/2021)

Mugs, magnets, DVDs, postcards, hats, frisbees, keychains... and others on sale at the Tourist Office of the Pays de Lamastre ! A lot of ideas to please yourself and to offer !


Boutique  Billeterie.png

Grand re-opening (10/05/2021)

The tourist office re-opened for you ! 

Lamastre's office : from tuesday to saturday from 10a.m. to 12.30 and from 2p.m. to 5p.m. and on sundays from 10a.m. to 12.30 and from 2p.m. to 4p.m.

Désaignes' office : wednesday and saturday from 10a.m. to 12.30 and from 2p.m. to 5p.m.

We will also be present at the arrival of "Mastrou" in the train station. 

Schedrule of Train de l'Ardèche : https://www.trainardeche.fr/infos-pratiques/horaires-et-tarifs/


Calendrier de circulation : trainardeche.fr/horaires-et-tarifs/



A new team (15/01/2021)

An attentive, passionate and dynamic team welcomes you all year round at the Lamastre office and from April to October at the Désaignes office.

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Wish list 100% Pays de Lamastre :


- Gîte de l'Escoussenas in Saint-Prix : 10% off coupon for a reservation for September 2021

- Gîte de la Gabbro in Saint-Barthélemy-Grozon: Coupon -10% for a reservation for October 2021

Spiruline des Monts d'Ardèche : Discovery basket 49€ instead of 53.50€ - Vitality basket 59€ instead of 66.50€.

Truites d'Andaure : (Promotion) Large rainbow trout: 13€/kg to 10€/kg (4 to 5 people)

Les cartons malins : Cardboard mirror : 60€.

Les Bergers des Chaupous : Organic Chestnut Creams: 5.50€ (400g)

Miellerie A Tire d'Aile : Royal jelly: The 10 grams cure is 20€ at the honey house.

Cave Desbos : Le chatus de l'Ardèche (red wine) : 8.20€

L'Art des Chemins : Discount of 5€ for the month of March / 60€ the room for two

Safran Lamastrois : Saffron Pistills : 10€ : 0.2g / 20€ = 0.2g / 20€ = 0.5g / 34€ = 1g and Chestnut Honey + all flowers : 15€ / Kg

- Le cabas de Steph' : Artisanal gingerbread with natural cut or with nuts : 19.20€ per kg



For an unusual Christmas, but a Christmas nevertheless, the Lamastre Tourist Office, the Union of Economic Partners of the Lamastre Canton and the brand new Lamastre Festival Committee have worked together to create this project which, in the absence of the traditional "Christmas in Lamastre", will warm our hearts...


This solidarity action, which will take place from December 8 to 24, aims to rally hearts around the beautiful spirit of Christmas while keeping our distance! 


Light is the key word of this illuminated operation based on 3 ideas: 


1/ Local businesses are invited by the Union des Commerçants to light up their windows to shine in the light of the beautiful month of December!
By lighting their shop windows they continue to bring the magic of Christmas to life and highlight their pretty gift ideas. Information : contact@upec-lamastre.com


2/ The inhabitants of Lamastre are invited by the Festivities Committee of Lamastre to participate in a photo contest of luminous decorations. Participations and information at the following address: comitefeteslamastre@gmail.com 


3/ The Tourist Office of the Pays de Lamastre invites the inhabitants of the area to gather around a simple gesture: light a candle at their window every evening! This sparkle should shine in the heart of everyone and rekindle the flame of the Christmas spirit. Information: ot.lamastre@orange.fr

These three actions only make sense thanks to the participation of each and every one of you!
Thank you all for your contribution to the success of this warm operation.



Markets (04/08/20)

On Tuesday and Saturday mornings, Lamastre comes alive with its traditional markets! On Sunday mornings, it's Gilhoc-sur-Ormèze's turn to offer local products!

For everyone's safety, from August 15th, remember to wear a mask to enjoy the market incognito and in complete safety!

©SophieLaurent_MarchéProducteursLamastre_30.06.2018 (80b).jpg

The machine starts again (04/06/20)

From Sunday June 14th we will be able to hear the train whistle again in the valley of the Doux! To cope with the new rules of life, remember to book your ticket before your departure! Calendar of circulation : trainardeche.fr/horaires-et-tarifs/

©SophieLaurent_Mastrou_2017 (9).JPG

Great initiatives in front of Covid! (30/03/20)

Here is a non-exhaustive list of actions implemented by our local economic players to ensure the continuity of many services! 
Support them and benefit from their know-how! 


Le Cabas de Steph : reparation of orders and expansion of the product range offered. Order at : 04 75 09 59 88

Les truites d'Andaure : drop off their trout at Steph's Cabas and many other points of sale. Order at : 04 75 06 08 89

La ferme du Mont : Christine and Olivier Collus bring you baskets of vegetables to Lamastre on Saturday at 4pm. Order at : 04 75 06 58 51

Bergers des chaupous : home delivery and sale at the farm. Order at : 04 75 06 69 96

Miellerie A tire d'aile : sale at the farm. Order at : 06 41 85 44 06

Boucherie de l'Eyrieux : home delivery. Order at : 04 75 06 42 78

Commune de Saint-Barthélemy-Grozon : deposit of baskets of fruits, vegetables, chickens... in the center of town. Order at : 06 13 61 35 17

Les relais de l'Ormèze : Odile offers baskets of fruits and vegetables. Order at : 06 07 87 78 28

Many other producers :  https://www.lamastre.fr/?Producteurs-locaux



The reference site dedicated to catering in Ardèche during the crisis


Auberge de Retourtour : 04 75 06 07 85
Chez Germaine : 06 46 09 85 33
La ferme Auberge de Jameysse : 04 75 06 62 94
Le Relais de Labatie : 04 75 07 06 38
Le Soleil Rouge : 04 75 06 63 81
Lo Straniero : 06 60 17 91 55
L'Arms Park : 04 75 06 44 10


The pizza truck in Saint-Barthélemy-Grozon on Monday and in Gilhoc-sur-Ormèze on Thursday is present.

©SophieLaurent_MarchéProducteursLamastre_30.06.2018 (80b).jpg

Train departures from Lamastre (01/03/20)

Two Lamastre Express departures will take place every Sunday from May to September and every day from Mastrou in July and August!

Ask for the calendar!

©SophieLaurent_Mastrou_2017 (9).JPG

Candlemas is coming! (17/01/20)

Mix 250g of chestnut flour and 250g of white flour. Dissolve this mixture in a little milk. Add 3 eggs, 70g of melted butter and a pinch of salt. Gradually pour in the 1 liter of milk, mixing until you obtain a smooth paste. Mix and leave to rest for an hour before cooking.

To your crepe makers!

Our little plus from Ardèche: serve the warm pancakes with honey or chestnut cream! 


Looking for Santa (14/11/19)

Every year, on the occasion of the Christmas Market, an incredible treasure hunt is set up! "On Santa's Trail" is taking a whole new turn this year! Go to the town hall at 3pm precisely to discover and participate in this life-size treasure hunt! Free game.

©MPB_MarchédeNoël_15.12.2018 (10).jpg

One fabulous week-end (24/09/19)

A wonderful weekend is being fine-tuned in Lamastre on October 5 and 6!

At the "La Suche" cottage, Nadine and Véronique have created a programme of choice to combine the sweetness and tranquility of the Ardèche with the rediscovery of the joy of living through dance, especially oriental flamenco! It'll only last for one weekend, so enjoy it! (04 75 06 48 99)



Like the accommodation, the tourist offices can also be classified. If the former are in stars, the latter are divided into categories: I (the highest) and then II and III.

The decision to classify depends on the validation of the many imposed criteria. These are divided into two main themes:

obligations relating to the reception of visitors, including in particular: the reception facilities (Lamastre and Désaignes), their accessibility; updated information, available, particularly on the Internet, in two languages in addition to French.
internal organisation obligations, in particular: sufficient, qualified and experienced staff; organisation of information management: Apidae database; relations and services to service providers.
The objective of sustainable development is also taken into account.

The achievement of this classification is the result of the work carried out for many years by the team of the Intercommunal Tourism Office. It is also a recognition of the professionalism of the staff.

Since this ranking has been obtained for 5 years, the team thus recognized will continue its actions in order to maintain its commitment to the tourist and economic service providers of our territory and to the visitors and tourists we welcome.


The holiday continues in the Pays de Lamastre, and August still looks as festive as ever! Festive, but also sporty and tasty. On the agenda? Concerts, shows, theatre, tastings, cinema, theatre visits, nature trips, fireworks, village festivals or triathlon for the adventurous! Go to our "Agenda" page to find all our events!


Save the date! This year, the big flea market in Lamastre will take place on Sunday 28 July, from 9am to 6pm, in the city centre.

This 14th edition is the opportunity to search, hunt, stroll, share, exchange a few hours while looking for the right deal!

Would you like to participate as an exhibitor? Need to sort through your stuff? There is still time to register!

© Brocante Lamastre - Pauline Astier - 2018


Not yet registered for the famous Ardèche cyclo race? Don't hesitate, there's still time!

Many activities will be offered to you during this beautiful event! From Wednesday 19 to Sunday 23 June, the Pays de Lamastre has some beautiful surprises and discoveries for you by bike (or not)...! 


To hike and discover the region of the Pays de Lamastre, 22 circuits are at your disposal with the new topoguide, available in our offices in Lamastre and Désaignes!



Do you like the Lamastre market? It is up to you to ensure that he gets a good place on the podium of the most beautiful market in France!

You have until April 9, 2019 to participate by clicking on the link below:




Marché de Lamastre

Christmas is coming! (11/16/18)

The holiday season is approaching and we no longer know how to treat our loved ones!

Here are three essential ideas to find something to please everyone:

- Christmas market, the essential place for original gifts!

- From chocolate candies to pastries, Molès pastry store knows how to seduce your palate!

- Ardèche candied chestnuts, the favorite guaranteed for these sweet golden candies!


Chestnuts (09/25/18)

Even if some of them have already left the branch, most of them still gild themselves with the pill in the sun! Our pretty chestnuts are well protected in their bugs to grow bigger before emancipating themselves. Even if some of them start falling into our slopes, none of them are orphans, do not take them away from their owner!

PA 16.10.17 (19).JPG

Back to school... (09/03/18)

The back-to-school season is also the time to make good resolutions!  

Creative and sports associations, hiking maps and events are available at the Tourist Office! And what will your good resolutions be? 

Place à l'actu 2

Holidays ! (08/09/18)

It's sunny, it's hot, we put on swimming suits! 

3 water places are well established in the Lamastre region: the Retourtour water place in Lamastre, the Salins beach in Désaignes and the beach on the Doux in Labatie d'Andaure. We enjoy it and above all, we have fun!


From Lamastre to Boucieu with the steam train ! (07/06/18)

Departure from Lamastre by steam locomotive will be possible from July 8! The Lamastre-Boucieu express will take you to Boucieu-le-Roi station. Arrived at the quay, the commented visit of the village of character will be proposed to those who wish it, while the others will be able to stroll and to be posed in terrace the time of a coffee or more if affinity.

Departure from Lamastre at 14h45 towards Boucieu-le-Roi steaming.
Return from Boucieu-le-Roi at 18h to Lamastre by diesel train.


The sun is back! (06/24/18)

Here we go! Summer is here! And who says been said: outings!!!!

The different programmes of animations, festivals, exhibitions (and so on!) are to be picked up at the Tourist Office. 

As every year, village festivals, medieval, concerts, flea markets, shows... will be there!

To receive our monthly events calendar, contact us at ot.lamastre@orange.fr


The Ardéchoise (05/29/18)

Make way for the world's largest mountain bike race from June 20 to 23! That's over 13,000 runners already registered! Whether you pedal or not, you have to prepare for these special days: roads blocked or redesigned for the occasion, many runners on the roads who are already training hard and hundreds of volunteers who criss-cross the roads! We must be more vigilant as we approach this great event!


The train is back on the rail (03/14/18)

Take a seat on board the Train de l'Ardèche, which will be back in service on Sunday 25 March ! It's soon Easter and on this occasion you can board the steam locomotive which will drop you in a small secret corner for a big egg hunt! Sign up, there won't be room for everyone!


Chestnuts (10/10/17)

Nothing better to enjoy winter than to grill a few fleshy chestnuts, nestled by the fire! To please you, our chestnuts producers are working to collect these sweet "winter candies" which will be very rare this year... Yes, no rain, no chestnut! Don't delay in getting your supplies!