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As a stopover on many of the permanent routes of the Ardéchoise and at the start of the Dolce Via, the Lamastre region welcomes cycling enthusiasts in all its forms. And if you take a break to enjoy the accommodation, restaurants and many activities! Some sites are labeled "Accueil Vélo".

Follow the advice of the lyrics sung by Bourvil and Yves Montand: it's always a question of a break in their adventures "à bicyclette"! For one "Near a bend there was a wood / where we headed, my faith / on a bicycle" and for the other "When we approached the river / we put down in the ferns / our bicycles"! 

You too, after having enjoyed the roads and paths of the Ardèche by bike, take a break and live freewheeling according to your desires for discovery, activities and entertainment!

Bike Rentals


Let yourself be guided and ride your mountain bike in complete freedom on our itineraries which have been laid out and marked out for you! You can find the topo-guide to the walks in the Lamastre area on sale at the Tourist Office.



place to... La Dolce Via

Lamastre, entry point of the Dolce Via


La Dolce Via  The Dolce Via offers you the opportunity to take advantage of 90 km of soft pathway laid out on the tracks of the old railway line linking Lamastre to Le Cheylard and then La Voulte-sur-Rhône to the south-east or Saint-Agrève to the north-west.

Lamastre is one of the entry points along the route, which can then be explored on foot or by bike: mountain bike, VTC or why not VAE (electrically assisted bicycle)?

To walk along the Dolce Via is to take advantage of quality, safe equipment. It also means marvelling at the varied and sometimes breathtaking landscapes in the heart of the Ardèche. From the Doux valley (Lamastre) to the Eyrieux valley (Le Cheylard), from the Rhône valley (La Voulte-sur-Rhône) to the Ardèche plateau (Saint-Agrève), the pleasure of the eyes will always be renewed and there will be many photo breaks: here the river swirling on a rock, there a terrace still cultivated, here an elegant viaduct, there an old mill, here a view of the Mont-Gerbier-de-Jonc, there a close-up on a shrub defying the rock, it's up to you! A former railway line, the slope of this trail is gentle (maximum 3.1%) and therefore accessible for cycling and ... for families!


When touring, you can compose your itinerary by combining La Dolce Via with La Via Rhôna and Mastrou (Train de l'Ardèche) which can transport your bikes and luggage from Saint-Jean-de-Muzols (next to Tournon-sur-Rhône) to Lamastre, along the Gorges du Doux.
And maybe the Geocaching adventure will tempt you? There are around 40 caches along the route, so it's up to you to find them!
You can find their contact details on geocaching.com  (create an account, free version).

The bicycle van of the Train de l'Ardèche

Specialized in bicycle transportation, this company accompanies you in all your projects on two wheels with different capacities according to the vehicles: coaches, minibuses and their trailers.


For your trips on the Dolce Via, enjoy the descent by bike and the ascent in a comfortable vehicle. 


The three villages of character of  Désaignes, Boucieu-le-Roi and Chalencon are planning to join forces and link up thanks to the VAE (electrically assisted bicycle).



These three villages of character in the northern Ardèche, which have been awarded the "Accueil vélo" label or are in the process of being awarded it, want you to enjoy their heritage attractions in complete freedom, at the rhythm of your pedal stroke, with the help of electric assistance... or not!

A 135 km circuit is gradually taking shape, criss-crossing the small roads of the Ardèche in order to avoid the main roads, and also offering you the chance to ride a few kilometres of the Dolce Via, between Chalencon and Désaignes. A circuit to be programmed over several days in order to have time to recharge the batteries of the bikes and yours!


The time to enjoy a stroll through the narrow streets with their secret corners, to listen to the stones which have so many stories to tell you, to marvel at the Ardèche landscapes and local products while tasting a tasty Ardèche menu on the terrace of a restaurant.


And while waiting for the circuit to be perfectly defined, these villages welcome you to enjoy their riches! And for the children, "Treasure Hunt" game cards are available on the spot, to enjoy the treasures of these villages while having fun, observing and thinking a little too!

Place to ... l'Ardéchoise !

Ardéchoise #2024 - Wednesday 12th June > Saturday 15th June 2024

The Ardéchoise...it's one of the biggest cycling events in Europe!


Who is it for? There are routes for all tastes and all levels: cyclosportives, cyclotourists, hikers, from the youngest to the oldest, handisport, electrically-assisted bicycle routes... 


You are looking for a route with a specific profile > Routes


Permanent routes

L'Ardéchoise... is now also more than 20 permanent courses, to mark out the kilometres over the course of the seasons. And from Saint-Félicien, the communes of the Pays de Lamastre are easily among the first to be crossed.
This is an opportunity for the supporters of these unconditional lovers of the "little queen" to enjoy, for example, the flavours of the land, the heritage of our pretty villages and the many distractions and leisure activities.